Channel Pro Virtual Jan 2013 : Page 1 VOLUME 7 NO. 1 JaNUary 2013 January 2013 contents Editorial officEs EH Publishing, Inc. 8388 Six Forks road, Suite 101 raleigh, NC 27615 919-325-0108 ph 919-640-8649 fx cover story Editor and Publisher Michael Siggins — Executive Editor Cecilia Galvin — Senior Consulting Editor rich Freeman — Copy Editor Colleen Frye Online Director and Technical Editor Matt Whitlock Web Content Manager Tobias Hough Contributing Writers James E. Gaskin, Samuel Greengard, Carolyn Heinz, Bill Kozel, allyson Kurker, Ellen Muraskin, Chris Nerney, Geoffrey Oldmixon, Lauren Gibbons Paul, rory V. Sanchez, Megan Santosus Art Director Dorian Gittlitz Contributing Artists Scott Cook, Michael Price cHaNNElPro-sMB oPeration: By lauren GiBBons Paul can you make a living from cloud services’ slim margins? if you provide real value to clients and charge a fair price for it, you’ll do fine. Page 18 cloud Profits FEATuRES 24 success tips for rolling out Byod MegAN SANtoSUS these practical, step-by-step strategies can ensure a problem-free BYoD rollout. 28 28 firing a cloud vendor chRiS NeRNeY When do you know it’s time to part ways with your cloud provider, and how do you ensure a smooth migration elsewhere? President Kenneth D. Moyes — Vice President, Marketing Christine ayers — Vice President, Audience Development Elizabeth Crews — Director of Research Daryl Delano — corPoratE DEPARTMENTS 2 Quick Hits Kinect for Windows SDK, blacklisting pros and cons, marketing automation, SMBs and positivity, and more suBscriPtioNs Associate Publisher Joel Zaidspiner — 561-422-5119 Account Executives Bill Holtz — 919-325-0117 Lisa Sherman — 917-388-9531 Career Center, Marketplace, List Rentals Karen Bligh — Reprints Wright’s Media 877-652-5295 advErtisiNg salEs 8 channel Gear 2013: A New Year for Microsoft—Literally MAtt WhitLocK 10 channelBeat QuorumLabs Relies on Resellers jAMeS e. gASKiN 12 systemBuilderPro Ultra-Minis conquer constraints of Raspberry Pi jAMeS e. gASKiN 14 MyoB Your employee compensation handbook BiLL KozeL 30 Peer to Peer going Retro RoRY v. SANchez 30 32 channelWise Debunking the intern Myth ALLYSoN KURKeR Ad Production Director Manuela rosengard — Ad Production Manager Jason Litchfield — ProductioN ChannelPro: The Insider’s Guide to SMB (ISSN 2167-4310) is published monthly by EH Publishing, Inc., 111 Speen St., Ste. 200, P.O. Box 989, Framingham, MA 01701-2000, 508-663-1500. ©2013 EH Publishing, Inc. Postage paid at Framingham, MA and additional mailing offices. All reproduction, including photocopying, is prohibited without written permission. ChannelPro: The Insider’s Guide to SMB is a pending registered trademark of EH Publishing, Inc. Printed in the USA. Postmaster: Send subscriptions and address changes to: ChannelPro: The Insider’s Guide to SMB, P.O. Box 989, Framingham, MA 01701-2000. All trademarked names, where indicated and not, are owned by their respective companies. The Insider’s Guide to SMB January 2013 1

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