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SEP 2014 BUILDING A SERVER CLOSET Thwarting Ransomware RingCentral VoIP System Reviewed Innovative Projectors Choosing Mobile Apps Windows 8: Still Failing to Thrive The Insider’s Guide to SMB Lenovo ® recommends Windows. POWER OF Building the A WORKSTATION. Tips from designing and protecting the If your space organization handles applications that demand extra processing power, to managing a workstation like the Lenovo ThinkStation P300 makes more sense than a desktop. A veritable powerhouse, the power P300 comes with ISV certifications to handle heat and graphics-intensive applications. What’s better, it costs only as much as a desktop. Page LENOVO 18 THINKSTATION P300 DESKTOP ® ® PERFECT SERVER CLOSET Windows 8 Pro PRICE OF A DESKTOP. In server PROCESSING Up to 2 processors with 24 cores rooms, Ronald R. provide extreme power Howard II of My 8.1 IT Company Windows Pro for enhanced OS connectivity, data security and more (pictured) says power High performance, security and issues are more common PRICING reliability at the price of a desktop than cooling problems Has ISV certifications to run Powered by a single processor Prices based on the reasonable performance it o ers Ideal for common workplace functions and applications More susceptible to memory failure and system crashes APPLICATIONS MEMORY heavy applications Employs Error Correcting Code memory for data safety Visit us online at

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