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SEP 2016 RMM’S NEW WAVE Choosing Cloud Marketplaces Hello Windows Server 2016! The New Intel Corp. Review: Untangle’s Next-Gen Firewall Windows 10 Update The Insider’s Guide to SMB RMM’s New Wave Dramatic changes in the managed services industry have RMM software makers introducing a slew of innovations PAGE 24 PEER TO PEER ESTABLISHING SOP ‘SWIM LANES’ Visit us online at 6QDQQUVGHƂEKGPE[CPFEWUVQOGTCPFGORNQ[GG satisfaction, CIT’s Lawrence and Heidi Cruciana &#0a;RKEVWTGF&#0b;YGPVCNN&#0f;KPQPRTQEGUUGUCPFFGƂPGF roles and responsibilities

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